The mission of Rx3 Performance is to build and foster a relationship between coach, athlete, and community that promotes the sport of triathlon while improving the experience of the athlete. The coaching foundations are the cornerstone of the Rx3 system. Each Rx3 Performance coach prescribes these four elements in their coaching practice.


1. Proper physiological assessment-Assessing the athlete’s current physical capabilities through questionnaires, benchmark testing, and/or lab testing is in many ways the first domino in setting up a successful relationship between coach and athlete. These parameters are the key components to prescribing a training plan that is proper in terms of intensity, duration, and frequency.


2. Proper goal setting-The athlete and coach must agree on a proper goal set. The athlete should set goals that are high enough to motivate while being attainable in a feasible length of time.


3. Intelligent and specific individual training plans-There are many aspects to designing training plans that are specific and correct for each athlete. Rx3 Performance coaches will take into consideration many factors of each individual athlete that includes strengths and weaknesses, goals, history, training environment, availability, and many more all while keeping it fun and engaging.


4. Proper balance of family, work, life, and sport-This is an aspect that is often overlooked but is held dearly with Rx3 Performance coaches. We love triathlon, but only as it is properly balanced in the athlete’s life. This means many different things for different athletes. Rx3 coaches are dedicated to finding balance within the athlete’s involvement in sport as it fits into individual lifestyles.




There are no contracts and no sign up fees. Each athlete will begin the process by filling out an athlete questionnaire. After the questionnaire is received, Rx3 Performance will set up a one hour phone consultation with the coach of your choice. The Rx3 coach will then begin building the specific, intuitive, and unique training plan to be delivered via software.


Athlete Services:

  • Intuitive training plan built weekly based on athlete’s availability/strengths & weaknesses/progression/goals

  • Unlimited communication via email/text/phone consult/facetime

  • Unlimited schedule changes

  • Benchmark testing/goal setting/race strategy

  • Feedback analysis via software comments/phone consult/facetime

  • Forum membership via Rx3 Facebook page where coaches and athlete discuss racing and training


Bells & Whistles:

  • Best Bike Split power file for all Rx3 athlete races

  • Specific nutrition/hydration race strategy build on results of sweat test/lab testing

  • Capture software video analysis of specific sessions/races/performance management chart

  • Video analysis and feedback of biomechanics of any swim/bike/run/strength protocol


*Dynamic Coaching athletes will receive the same on-boarding process. Intuitive training plans will be built in 1 month blocks. Dynamic athletes will also have unlimited communication via email, and all feedback protocols given once per training block. Sorry Dynamic athletes, but no Bells & Whistles.


Rx3 Performance Coaches are dedicated to giving each and every athlete all the tools necessary for success.



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