What should I bring to camp?

- Bike comfortable for 100+ mile rides. - Good tires - Apparel for both hot and cool riding - Gearing for repeated short climbs - A wetsuit (possible open water swim option) - Any special personal needs

What if I live local to the camp and won't need a hotel on the first and/or last night of camp?

When you RSVP to the camp, be sure to mention your specific needs in the comments section and we will discussions options with you when we call. We'll figure out a solution together.

What specific COVID protocols will be followed?

- Bring a mask
- We will socially distance at every possible opportunity
- Please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms

What does "All Inclusive" mean?

All you pay is your travel costs to get to the camp and we cover all the rest. All the lodging, food, access fees to pools or gyms (if applicable), etc. We will have training nutrition and snacks, but you can of course bring your own at your own expense. You will need to bring your own training equipment (i.e. bike, shoes, wetsuit, etc.) or arrange for local rentals. Ask us for recommendations if you need them or mention it in the comments section of the RSVP.


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