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If you played high school sports, you probably have nightmares about the words, “Two-A-Days.” Football practice before and after school was punishing. In the sport of Triathlon, working out twice a day is standard procedure. Triathletes do “Brick” sessions and/or two separate sessions of two sports in one day quite often. Two-A-Days, 2 workouts in the same sport in 1 day, we see less often. The two-a-day strategy can be great for working on your weakness and/or doing a block of single sport focus.


  • The first session should hold the intensity/interval work. The second session holds the aerobic or threshold/tempo work

  • There should be at least a 3-hour gap between sessions (5 is better). Typically done before/after work

  • Be sure to refuel after your first session, especially if you go into that session fasted

  • The benefits of a two-a-day strategy:

  • Physiological gains in a weak discipline

  • Volume benefits with time constraints

  • Maintain fitness during sport specific injury, ie no running due to a stress fracture



  • Early AM-Speedwork. Easy warm up followed by some drills (single arm drill and fist drill) then 10X100 fast on 15 sec rest, 10X50 faster on 20 sec rest, 10X25 all out on 30 sec rest followed by an easy cooldown

  • After work PM-Aerobic capacity. 3-5X1000 building from easy to Half Ironman pace on 10 sec rest. Swim the evens and pull the odds


  • Early AM-Vo2 max intervals. Best done on the trainer. Easy spin warm up with some cadence work mixed in then go 5-8X3 minutes all out (125-150% FTP) on 3 minutes easy recovery followed by a cool down

  • After work PM-Steady zone 2. 90-120 minutes steady zone 2 ride


  • Early AM-Track session. Warm up then drills (hip swings and butt kickers) followed by 10-12X400 on 2-3 minutes easy recovery. Be sure to cool down an easy mile jog

  • After work PM-Progressive tempo. 45-75 minutes broken into 3rds as easy/marathon pace/half marathon pace

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