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Winding Down The Season

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

The end of the race season exposes 2 types of triathletes:

  1. The guys/gals who are relieved to flip the triathlon “switch” in the off-season. These folks meet with friends for drinks on a Monday night without concern for an early Tuesday session. These folks order a pizza and take a nap on Saturday. The relaxed approach is necessary. It keeps them in the sport.

  2. The guys/gals who already have their entire next season planned. They probably already know what time they’ll need to qualify at their A race. They are compiling spreadsheets at this moment. These folks are not good at napping. They require constant focus to keep them in the game.

To be completely honest, I’ve seen success and failure from both types of triathletes. I’ve seen a type 2 triathlete evolve into a type 1 and vice versa. As long as the relaxed approach triathlete has the discipline to do work when work is necessary, success is the outcome. As long as the constant focus triathlete can relax when things don’t go as planned, success is the outcome. These 2 types of triathletes can learn a little from one another. In order to have longevity in this sport, you need some characteristics/qualities from both groups.

Here are four off-season tips to build a better year whether you have the “switch” turned off or you are building spreadsheets.

  1. REST & RELAX: This doesn’t mean stop training. It simply means let some of the pressure off. Run without a watch; pull out the mountain bike or cross-country skis. Spend extra time with your family and make your workouts secondary.

  2. REVIEW: Look back at 2019. Check all your benchmark numbers, nutrition logs and race results. See when and where you were strong. Look at what you improved upon most and what you improved upon least. Triathlon is a unique experience for everyone and requires a unique approach. Reviewing your previous season can give you the information to find what works for you.

  3. RESISTANCE TRAINING: Get in the gym. Clean up some movement patterns. Build integrity at the joints and surrounding tissues. Increase muscular strength.

  4. REBOOT: You’ve rested, reviewed, and done a little strength training. Now it’s time to plan, build and execute. Plan out your race schedule for 2020. Start building some foundational fitness with consistent base work. Now execute your plan and try not to look too far ahead.

Follow these simple off-season tips and we’ll see you kicking butt next season!

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